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Big trends for interior design in the year 2019

What are the big trends for interior design in the year 2019 and how to incorporate it in the easiest way:

2018 was a year of many looks including rose gold, lacquered furniture, cherry colored cabinets and so forth. With the New Year in full swing, we look at opportunities to embrace new concepts and ideas to make space feel fresh by introducing a couple of small key trending pieces to your space. We have listed our favorites below to get you well on your way to upgrade your space.

Going green and leafy this season

This is one of the colours we are most excited about this season. Some creative ways to incorporate it in your space would be adding big bold plants in clusters with varied containers in terms of sizes and finishes to replicate the feeling of soft tropics.  While choosing plants look at options that require the least bit of maintenance and watering. Botanic prints in terms of wallpaper and carpets with dense foliage as well as jewel-tone fabrics reflect the Art Deco of the 1920s as it imbibes a certain sense of refinement and sophistication.

Green is everywhere from grass green to mixed teals

Maximalist Details

Lately, there has been a massive shift from minimalist Scandinavian design characterized by neutral colors and simple materials with all signs pointing towards more detailed maximalist tendencies inspiring a rich layered look. This can be incorporated in your home in a modern and fresh way by adding artwork which is not afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures to create spaces that are more unique in character.

Maximalist details in terms of embellished handcrafted hardware have also been trending lately.


This is a relatively new concept that seeks to connect people to nature by creatively bringing the outside to the interiors of a space. The easiest ways to incorporate these elements are by using sustainable handmade pieces like rice paper lanterns which can be easily sourced from places like IKEA which carry excellent imitations of the iconic Akari lanterns and lamps.

Tactile organic natural materials like wooden floors are also another way to feel more in touch with the outdoors.

Pantone color of the year is Living coral

We feel that  will be the new neutral moving forward this year as it can be easily paired with a variety of colors. It provides an uplifting mood with an energizing vibe to the space be it as a feature wall, some throw cushions or bathroom tiles.


Street inspired style and slogans

Slogans are back on the runways as well as interior spaces. They help elevate spaces to make ideal statement pieces.




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