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We always believe the value of investing time in understanding our clients. This knowledge is combined with our industry expertise from over a decade. Through our spaces and buildings we create quality environments. Our final design is a balance between inspiration, knowledge and technology.

Neon Attic’s expertise lies in bringing together a team consisting of an Architect, urban designer and civil engineer to offer solutions to clients in a holistic perspective. For each project, we assemble a team of experts who collaborate to create tailor-made proposals to client’s requirements. We also have experience in the usage of technology towards multi-cultural environments such as offices or mixed-use high-density residential complexes. We make conscious efforts to expose our team to research in the space of VR and AI to understand current technology and also responsibly integrate it in design where necessary.
“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon; How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.” ― Rumi

At Neon Attic we believe in the impact of a well-designed space improving the quality of mind and life. Its important for the designed space to not only look aesthetically appealing but also functionally enhancing the quality of space. We take pride in creating spaces that are aesthetically simple and pure while preserving the tangible skill and craftsmanship of Indian culture.
Well-designed landscaped space should revitalize cities and create vibrant environment while being rooted in local culture and nature. At Neon Attic we feel responsible towards improving the quality of environments around
At Neon Attic, we work toward a site specific approach where understanding the space and context informs our design process. We look at implementing biomimicry in our design which primarily looks at solving design related issues by imitating complex biological entities. Drawing inspiration from nature, these complex interconnected models and networks help creating sustainable environments that lead to long term viability ensuring our creative process is not independent of the environment. Informed by our expertise, we look at a multilayered approach designing spaces that improve the quality of urban life.
Neon Attic brings together team of experts in the field of architecture, interiors, engineering and technology to provide specialized proposal for the clients. We can also advice clients on projects along the lines of refurbishment, retro fitting and structural analysis of buildings.
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