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Architecture and Luxury Interiors - Studio Neon attic

Global Pandemic; a Catalyst for Major Changes In Interior Design



An architecture and luxury interior design firm that strongly believes in visual vocabulary; Neon attic is synonymous to trendy spaces and seamlessly combined comfort with upmarket design and style.

The founders of this contemporary style home interiors brand- Rambha Seth and Sripriya Ganesan focus on striking colors and designs right from rugs to roof, keeping an eye out for the most intricate details.

They understand the needs of the client to the last latch, and evolve a unique way to translate it into ergonomically perfect opulence to create tailor-made proposals.

 Founders of Neon Attic-  Left : Rambha Seth, Right: Sripriya Ganesan.


We truly believe comfort is key to good design.

We focus on using pops of colors through our fabrics and upholstery to curate a positive environment, allowing the colors and textures to speak for itself and give character to the room.

We take pride in identifying and collaborating with the right resources from our nation’s creative community in order to preserve the tangible skill and brilliant craftsmanship of Indian artisans.

The team’s expertise lies in designing, curating and styling aesthetic yet functional spaces.

Whether it is giving your home a new look or adding a meticulously customized signature furniture piece, we are here to help you elevate your space!

Every element in a room from a small indoor plant to the wall finish, contributes to the feeling of ease, contentment and belonging, which is why furniture, fabrics, art and décor need to be carefully curated together.

 Image Courtesy : Neon Attic


The pandemic has changed the way the world lives and has left no industry untouched.

Architecture & Interior Design is also no such exception.

The Pandemic has brought a renewed focus on home interiors as we navigate a new normal.

People are willing to spend a premium on spaces they were initially being indifferent towards and go an extra mile to improve their quality of space and lifestyle.

There is a need for dedicated space with boundaries for all members of the family to carry out their day-to-day activities, be it a home office or learning nook or family room, there is more demand for luxury from the comfort of our homes.

More so than ever, people desire a more relaxing, organized, visually pleasing environment that contributes to their physical and mental wellbeing.

Although there has been a global economic set back, budget and resource limitations, we are certain good designs are possible only when everything is available in limited quantities. It forces us to think outside the box and makes us problem solvers as well.

 Image Courtesy : Neon Attic


We believe a new perspective will develop about interior design as the world gradually heals from this pandemic, such as emphasis on use of easy maintenance and hygiene- based materials driven by anti-bacterial surfaces.

There would be a significant change in the functioning of the corporate world as we adapt to a hybrid model with more WFH options. Any sort of cubicle work can happen from home but there are still times we need in-person meetings for the team to interact. Hence, there would be a need for office designs to include more collaborative spaces.

Hospitality and retail industry will also see design changes to accommodate and cater to surge in the economy, wiser capital allocation, increased consumer spending and travel as people start to emerge from the pandemic.

Image Courtesy : Neon Attic


This pandemic is faced by all worldwide. It is not confined by any boundary.  Slowly but surely, things are looking up and we believe we will recover and get past this together with baby steps.

We, as designers are very excited to see how the design movements that emerge after this period would shape art and architecture in the post pandemic world.

In our opinion, designers should continue to produce products for the post pandemic phase when people would have a bigger appetite to spend.

Neon Attic Lab has been working through the lockdown on our new line of products ranging from floor rugs, accent chairs, side tables, coffee tables, headboards, cabinets and other décor elements to help spruce up your space!

We can’t wait to launch it soon!

Neon Attic Lab; REBE upholstered bed. Image Courtesy : Neon Attic


And on that note, on behalf of the team at Studio Neon Attic, here’s hoping you and your family are healthy, happy and doing well.

– Sadhana Raghu

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