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How to make statement pieces work for your home

Here are some tips to help spruce up any room with one of a kind furniture

Balance is key


Image Courtesy: Google

If everything is special then nothing is special. Crowding statement pieces with a lot of other things will take away the desired effect. Space will look busy as there will be no focus. There should always be a hierarchy of elements within the space even in the most maximalist rooms.



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The Statement piece can either be the focal point of the room whereby you can decorate around it or it can be nestled away, waiting to surprise and delight visitors. This will enhance your home’s overall design. In the picture above, the green cabinet at the end of the hallway creates delight as it is totally unexpected.

Keep scale in mind


Image Courtesy: Google

The scale is key to designing any space. You can’t match a large piece with a small object as it create an imbalance and makes day-to-day living harder. The size of large furniture tends to take the focal point in any given space.



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to elevate a simple piece into a statement piece is to put a bright colour on it. For example, the bright red colour of the chest takes it a step further. Using lacquer for added shine, and gold drawer pulls makes space feel inspired by world travels.


WhatsApp Image 2020-03-18 at 18.39.24

Image Courtesy: LAB x NEON ATTIC

Apart from the aesthetics, the appeal of a statement piece can be in its backstory. It can be unique, provocative or political – perhaps an unusual or distinctive piece of furniture, a painting, sculpture or an object of art. In the image is Trevi- A pink cabinet by LAB with a golden coin handle narrates history.

Sculpture as accent pieces


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Have you ever seen a sculpture in a gallery and wondered if it would look good in your home? Sculptural objects are not only decorative, but great for open-layout spaces. They can also be utilitarian like in the image above.



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