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How to update and elevate interior spaces using rugs

We have a deep appreciation for beautiful decor and design at Neon Attic. And lately, we’ve been thinking about all the ways that a rug can elevate a room. Rugs primarily anchor a room and infuse it with personality, style and warmth. They are one of the main building blocks to creating a cohesive space. Here are some tricks on how they can transform any given room.

Defining Spaces

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Rugs can be used to divide large spaces into cozier areas in large open plan living spaces, and they can even make a room feel smaller or more spacious – depending on their size and where you place them. This creates a hierarchy that draws one’s eye by using colors and patterns which complement each other. These multiple rugs which are selected should not end up warring with each other for attention.

Visual Pathways

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Hallways have a tendency to look like unwelcoming spaces. Linear rugs can be added to create visual pathways and draw the eye to connecting rooms while uplifting the space.

Play Around with Shapes


Rugs don’t necessarily need to be rectangular in shape. Your furniture layout dictates the shape of your rug. Nowadays, rugs come in a variety of shapes like ovals, rounds, squares and even amorphous shapes. For example, if you have a circular dining table you may want a larger circular rug to sit underneath the table and chairs.

Creating a Focal Point


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Rugs are a work of art and as such can be mounted on walls to create visual interest as well as stimulate a conversation.

Sound Absorption


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While natural stone, polished cement or hardwood may look beautiful, they will increase noise levels in your home. Hard surface floors reflect interior sounds, raising the ambiance levels. Rugs are an easy way to reduce noise, especially in the entertainment room.

Child-Friendly Rug Options


When it comes to choosing a rug for your living room it’s important to consider what kind of home you have, for example, if you have pets and children running around so a shaggy or wool rug may be more practical then. A rug to suit kids needs to be hard-wearing as well as good looking. Think about the texture, pattern, and weave. Go for something with a little bit of synthetic fiber in it. A wool blend would be the ideal pick for children – as it feels great underfoot.


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