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We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front. Yethin alongside his sculpture of Sri Varaha Devi Our feature for the day, Yethin was primarily a Law student who discovered his inbuilt skill and passion for sculpting during his frequent visits to his dad’s workshop. He is the sixth generation artist from a family of metal sculptors. Be it deities, human figurines or traditional objects, his works show the best of skill and precision.  Now, let’s get to know

  We at Neon Attic believe that art and aesthetic is a part of our everyday life. We are spreading our wings into different fields as we see the potential to unleash the creativity that is bottled up inside us. One of our new ventures- the Lab is born out of a passion for our interest in combining interesting materials and blurring the lines between fashion and art through furniture. The lab will not be just another furniture boutique but a platform that celebrates art and design. Image Courtesy: Google We are crafting pieces that can tell a story. Ranging from side tables

Lazy is usually the word that best describes me. But that changed the day I walked into the studio. I was nervous as to how it would turn out but Priya and Rambha were being the best of hosts making sure that feeling went away.   The first words that came out from them were, “are you willing to work with us?”. This made an impact on me in a way that could never be described. As opposed to the conventional “work for us” culture, what they were offering me was an opportunity to not just learn but grow together as a

Being the host to a formal sit down dinner and not understanding how a good table setting works can be a bit of daunting. Creating a stunning table setting always creates a good impression at a dinner party. It sets the tone for the evening and expresses the intent of the host to create a perfect event for the guests. So where did all this start? If we were to date back, the placement of the single edge knife on the table with the blade facing inward indicated that the host trusted his dining companions. If during the course of the meal,

Thanks for your reading time and this is my very first post since the inception of this page. Horray So going back to the title up there, why is this world suddenly all eyes and ears for minimalism ? what’s the big deal about it? Especially looking at the geography where we are located, India historically this is a bit of a far concept and we come from a culture of ‘maximalists’ if that’s even a word ! We are heading towards a living where the entire globe has been shrunk to the size of a tiny little nut. Thanks to social

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