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Anti-Microbial surfaces for Interior design

Having spent most of our time at home lately, a lot of flaws that we overlooked for years will become big things that must be fixed right now.  In this period of time, can we actually make smart interior material choices for a safer and healthier home to face  something like the corona virus?

Many studies say that the SARS-CoV-2 virus stays active for different duration on different materials- longest on smooth surfaces like plastics (72 hours) and stainless steel (48 hours) and a shorter time on porous materials like paper, cardboard or fabrics (24 hours). 


The biggest surprise was the performance of copper; the virus was gone in four hours. Bring back the basics- No wonder why Copper and brass have been the most preferred material in our culture for furniture, cutleries, home decor, etc. A mindful choice in shifting to copper alloy objects for doorknobs, handles, small furniture can make your environment much safer.


Even though research proves viruses stay for less hours on fabric, its is surely a pain to clean a carpeted floor. In a situation like this linoleum flooring which is completely natural with bacteria-killing properties wilt be the right pick for your house’s floors.

Cork, which is also anti-microbial is a good choice for flooring, cabinets, and table/benchtops.


Not an antimicrobial material but Terrazzo or polished concrete, the standard flooring in hospitals, lasting forever and easy to clean can be a smart choice if you want to disinfect your home regularly and also not corrode the surfaces in your home.



Apart from this, there are also anti-microbial/ aerosol coatings like Polyurethane (PU or PUR) and Polyethylene (PE) on surfaces such as wood, brass, and fabric which makes the surfaces impenetrable for the virus. Many paints and primers are also infused with microbe killing agents to make your walls safer.

We need to slightly alter our buying mindset when it comes to our interiors. Does it breed microbes? Can we clean it easily? Does it stand up to water? This is how we have to think about these things now to make our homes a safe place to live in. 

Hope you are all safe!



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