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As an interior design lover, you must be always looking for unique accessories when decorating a room. Floor and table sculptures, whether abstract or true-to-life, bring an artistic weight to your home decorating that may as well be the key you’re looking for. Decorative sculptural statues provide an excellent way to add an artistic touch to your décor. 

A room is often incomplete until a statement-making piece finds its way inside. No matter classic or playful, wall-mounted or tabletop, sculptural pieces like these will completely steal the show. 

golden rocking horse

Image Courtesy: LAB x NEON ATTIC

Setting the mood:

If you’re building a setting around your home a few statues- horses or angels reflect quiet tranquility and grace. Meanwhile, contemporary sculptures for home decor instill a vogue atmosphere, like living in a modern art museum.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Decorative sculptures will provide a dramatic presence to your home decor. Table and floor sculptures can evoke mythical sights and homey feelings alike with their stunning, realistic details. Build new worlds or honor old ones. Let decorative statues carry your home closer to distant places and heartfelt memories.

Where to place them?

Sculptures and statues can be accommodated in spaces that are vacant and starving for the real beauty of art and polished skill. A sculpture being 3-Dimensional needs ample space to walk around it.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The decorations should be presented in an aesthetic manner, to emphasize the style of the room, and not overwhelm or create a sense of a mess.

These are items which are ideally suitable for every kind of interior whether it is a formal work area (hotel lobby, reception, office cabin, hospital spaces, restaurant counters or corners) or informal residential space


Image Courtesy: LAB x NEON ATTIC

A space without art is space wasted so adore your residential and commercial areas with excellent, skillful and creative statues and sculptures. After all, they are one of the best ways to ornate your spaces.



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