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Spill the beans with creatives

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front.

peter naggy

Peter Nagy is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York with a BFA in Communication Design. An active artist in the 80s, he was the co-founder of Gallery Nature Morte in New York’s East Village in 1982. He has been based in New Delhi since 1992, where he resurrected Nature Morte, championing young Indian artists and experimental art forms.

Keep reading to get to know him!

LAB: What does Peter like to do besides Art and Curating?

PETER: I like to travel, watch movies, listen to music (I like all genres) and go to concerts.

LAB: What pushes you back on track (How do you resolve a challenge that you face)?

PETER: I believe in making compromises in order to overcome the challenge but that compromise should come from both sides. 

LAB: What or who has had the biggest influence on you?

PETER: Visiting new places is truly an inspiration. I love Japan. India is continually fascinating. I also admire Italy and Paris. 

The second part of the interview was “complete the sentence”

LAB: On the weekends, I’d like to ___________

PETER: Do as little as possible. 

LAB: There is no such thing as too much ___________


LAB: I can’t wait for __________

PETER: My next visit to Paris. 

LAB: Stalk me and you’ll find me crushing over __________

PETER: Museums and Art Galleries. 

The third part of the interview was “Rapid Fire”

LAB: Morning person or a Night Owl?

PETER: Very much a night person.

LAB: What’s on your work desk at the moment?

PETER: It’s the floor plans for the Indian Art Fair which is expected to happen in the last week of January. Finalizing the artworks for showing there and we are also doing a large exhibition at the Bikaner House in Delhi so I am putting that show together. 

LAB: What’s on your Smartphone Homescreen?

PETER: A random picture of a seascape that came with the phone. I didn’t personalize it because I sort of like the ocean so I have decided to leave it that way. 

LAB: Your most prized possession?

PETER: My wardrobe. I like buying expensive designer clothes and taking care of them. I even house clothes going back almost 30 years. 

LAB: What do you work towards every day?

PETER: I would want to get back to being more of an artist and less of a gallerist or a curator. Making art on your own is a much more simple and peaceful endeavor.

Precise and crisp answers, it was a pleasure talking to Peter. We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors.



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