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Spill the beans with creatives

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front.


Corporate professional turned photographer based in New Delhi, Aditya Mendiratta is well known for his works in the fashion Industry. Minimalist in the style he has been featured in many international magazines.

Keep reading to know him better!

LAB: What does Aditya like to do besides photography?

ADITYA: Lately, I have been creating music, painting and drumming. Another favorite pass time is to create movies in my head.

LAB: What pushes you back on track (How do you resolve a challenge that you face)?

ADITYA: Sometimes it is just a few sets of words or a new creation.

LAB: If you like this, we can’t be friends

ADITYA: Stereotyping and judgemental people.

LAB: What is the most challenging genre that you have worked in photography? 

ADITYA: I do feel that every genre of photography is challenging in its own way. Concerts being the trickiest; weddings teach me to jump into things and Commercial photography taught me patience.

The second part of the interview was “complete the sentence”

LAB: On the weekends, I’d like to ___________

ADITYA: Relax at home, watch a movie or draw some interior inspiration. I like sitting at a coffee shop and see life pass by.

LAB: There is no such thing as too much ___________

ADITYA:  Free time. I enjoy and cherish that time for myself and that is as important as working.

LAB: I can’t wait for __________

ADITYA: My next project to launch which is on a social cause.

LAB: Stalk me and you’ll find me crushing over

ADITYA: Coffee, authentic food and Geeky Techy stuff.

LAB: What do you work towards every day?

ADITYA: I work towards sustaining independence in my own mind, in my future photography projects or even through a cafe I may open in the future. I want to create an impact on people’s lives and thoughts through my photographs.

It was interesting to get to know the self-thought artist. We are excited to see how his project for a cause will turn out to be. Let’s stay connected!



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