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Spill the beans with creatives

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front.


Farah Siddique is an art curator and co-founder of CultivateArt which has been encouraging artists to exhibit their work and to reach out to a wider audience. It helps art lovers own art without burning a hole in their pocket. They value art and not price!

Keep reading to get to know the lady behind this wonderful initiative!

LAB: What does Farah like to do besides Art and curating?   

FARAH: I like to listen to a lot of western classical and Hindustani classical music. I like to travel a lot to witness what is happening in the art and textile sector. 

LAB: What pushes you back on track?

FARAH:  Be it professional or personal, having a chat with my mother and my husband gives me new perspectives and relaxes my mind.

LAB: What/ who has had the biggest influence on you?

FARAH: Bijoy Jain’s work and philosophy is something that I enjoy being influenced by.  

LAB: What colour best describes you?

FARAH:  Black. I think it is mysterious, has a lot of depth and it can absorb a lot of things. 

The second part of the interview was “complete the sentence”

LAB: On the weekends, I’d like to ___________

FARAH: Unwind with my family.

LAB: I can’t wait for __________

FARAH: My next project which will be revealed soon. 

LAB: Stalk me and you’ll find me crushing over __________

FARAH: Artbooks and museums.

The third part of the interview was “Rapid Fire”

LAB: Morning person or a Night Owl?

FARAH: I’m a morning person ever since my fourteen months old daughter’s been born. 

LAB: The first thing you do when you wake up?

FARAH: Make coffee. 

LAB: What’s on your Smartphone Homescreen?

FARAH: A picture of my family.

LAB: What do you feel is a workday time-waster?

FARAH: People who are not resolved in their own minds when they come to me.  

LAB: What do you work towards every day?

FARAH: I would want to be enriched. I would want to be inspired by art every single day. 

It was wonderful talking to Farah. We had fun talking to her. Let’s stay connected.



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