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Spill the Beans with Creatives

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front.

Born in a family of art collectors, Nadia Samdani co-founds the Samdani Art Foundation, Bangladesh alongside her husband. She also directs the Dhaka Summit which is the world’s largest non-commercial platform for South Asian Art.


LAB: What does Nadia like to do besides Art and philanthropy?      

NADIA: Being at home cooking, yoga and also traveling.

LAB: What or who has had the biggest influence on you?

NADIA: Being around creative people and amazing ideas influences me the most.

LAB: What pushes you back on track?

NADIA: A good night’s sleep and talking to someone who understands and has a logical approach.

LAB: What is the one thing that you dislike?

NADIA: Pessimists.

The second part of the interview was “complete the sentence”

LAB: On the weekends, I’d like to ___________

NADIA: Spend time with my family.

LAB: There is no such thing as too much ___________

NADIA: Shoes and art.

 LAB: Stalk me and you’ll find me crushing over __________

NADIA: Vintage vogue

The third part of the interview was “Rapid Fire”

LAB: Who would you kiss, marry and kill?

NADIA: Kiss – John Lennon; Marry- Leonardo Da Vinci; Kill- Jack the Ripper.

LAB: What’s on your Smartphone Homescreen?

NADIA: A photograph of me and my husband in front of the Eiffel tower at night.

LAB: The first thing you do when you wake up?

NADIA: Stretch.

LAB: Which colour do you think best describes you?

NADIA: Pink, it is such a pretty colour.

LAB: What have you considered to be a work day time waster?

NADIA: Random people making a visit.

LAB: What do you work towards every day?

NADIA: I want to put Bangladesh on the global art map. I also want to have a positive approach to life. 

It was fun getting to know Nadia, how much of a dedicated and interesting person she is! Let’s stay connected



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