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Spill the Beans with Ceatives

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front.


Yethin alongside his sculpture of Sri Varaha Devi

Our feature for the day, Yethin was primarily a Law student who discovered his inbuilt skill and passion for sculpting during his frequent visits to his dad’s workshop. He is the sixth generation artist from a family of metal sculptors. Be it deities, human figurines or traditional objects, his works show the best of skill and precision. 

Now, let’s get to know Yethin better!

LAB: What does Yethin like to do besides sculpting?

YETHIN: I like to spend time with nature. I really want to get into gardening but it’s not possible at the moment being in the heart of the city. I go out on vacations whenever possible to get my mind off things at work. I like to visit old temples in Mysore and Tamil Nadu looking out for inspiration. 

LAB: What pushes you back on track?

YETHIN: I like to take a break and step back from the situation for a while. I would just sit and quietly stare at how nature works, as it is also a form of meditation.

LAB: If you like this, we can’t be friends

YETHIN: Art is really deep, be it any form. So, the one thing that I would dislike is for people to call it art without any meaning or depth behind it. The end product should connect with the artist and tell a story. 

The second part of the interview was “complete the sentence”

LAB: On the weekends, I’d like to ___________

YETHIN: Work. I chill on weekdays. I personally hate Mondays, so they are off to me. Not that often, but if it is needed, I do pull two all-nighters at a stretch. Work is very fun, especially for the fact that I don’t get to answer to anyone.

LAB: There is no such thing as too much ___________

YETHIN: Wax models. I love doing them. I make them a lot. Work, in general, can never be too much for me. I love my work. 

LAB: I can’t wait for __________

YETHIN: A vacation. It has been quite some time since I’ve taken off from work. I would want to do a nature retreat. I have never seen India as much as I wanted to. So, maybe within the country first and then an international trip.

LAB:Stalk me and you’ll find me crushing over ___________

YETHIN: Bharathanatiyam. I am very far from following any celebrities on social media. But Bharathanatiyam is closely related to my art form. So I follow dancers like Rukmani Vijaykumar and Upasana on Instagram.

LAB: What do you work towards every day?

YETHIN: I seek to constantly improve from where I am especially within my space of temple sculptures. I am really looking forward to doing a public installation in the near future. A bigger studio where more people can come and learn. I want to pass this dying art form. A nice solo exhibition in Bangalore is something I also want to do.  

I have done a few interviews in the past. This is frankly the most fun and informal interview so far. Thank you for it. It is my pleasure to be associated with Neon Attic. 

It was fun getting to know Yethin, how much of a dedicated and interesting person he is. We admire his work as much as we admire him. All the best to this amazing artist from Bangalore!



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