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What goes into styling a posh table setting and where did all this start?

Being the host to a formal sit down dinner and not understanding how a good table setting works can be a bit of daunting. Creating a stunning table setting always creates a good impression at a dinner party. It sets the tone for the evening and expresses the intent of the host to create a perfect event for the guests.

So where did all this start? If we were to date back, the placement of the single edge knife on the table with the blade facing inward indicated that the host trusted his dining companions. If during the course of the meal, the host were to turn the sharp edge away from his plate, that would indicate someone at the table was not so trusted and that the host was ready to grab the knife to lash out with the out-turned blade. (A bit scary I would imagine !) Today we always place the blade inward. (Phew)

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest
































To take this all a step further, table setting can be done just like how a space design works. Can you believe it? I couldn’t until I started trying my hand at styling. Once the etiquette part is out of the way, we get into the fun part of designing through concepts. It can range from elaborate Art Deco to minimalist modern.

A perfectly  set table is more of an art form” 



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Now that your all set to Roll !

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