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What’s all this fuss about Minimalism?

Hey there!

Thanks for your reading time and this is my very first post since the inception of this page.

So going back to the title up there, why is this world suddenly all eyes and ears for minimalism? what’s the big deal about it? Especially looking at the geography where we are located, India historically this is a bit of a far concept and we come from a culture of ‘maximalists’ if that’s even a word! We are heading towards a living where the entire globe has been shrunk to the size of a tiny little nut. Thanks to social media and digitization in this shrunken planet that we live in, we subconsciously process so much information from every direction possible, our very existence feels as if on fast forward mode. To be able to crunch so much in so little time, without ‘minimalism’ in our lifestyle, there will be very little efficiency in our lives. Now enough of the talk, Jumping straight to how we can transfer and get the most of this concept

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Minimalism in our space to lifestyle

With increasing number of Indians becoming world travellers, their exposure to global design has started having an impact on the spaces that they want to live in ahem, this takes off most of the weight from our shoulders, I must admit I can confidently say ‘Minimalism’ as a philosophy is not alien but very much in sync with the modern India of today.

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Spatially speaking pun unintended this philosophy embraces simple, functional living over exuberance taking over. Minimalism fundamentally means keep only what is necessary, Living a life of simple understated luxury. This is the fundamental philosophy in which our design studio operates. Right from the smallest piece of hardware to the grander realm of space we keep in mind ‘minimalism’ all the way through our designs.

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How could I not talk about Mari Kondo, when we do all this talking about minimalism here? For keeper’s sake, here’s an excerpt from her page. I live through these rules jotted down below, try this out and see how life transforms by something so simple yet so powerful.

The cardinal rules to tidy up from Kon Mari

RULE 1-Commit yourself to tidying up.

RULE 2-Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

RULE 3-Finish discarding first.

RULE 4 -Tidy by category, not by location.

RULE 5- Follow the right order.

RULE 6- Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Also please find below some literature on minimalism if you are into books like me

On that note, I’m signing off for this week and I will come back to you next week with what’s trending next in the space of architecture and Interiors. I would be delighted to write on any specific topic that you would like to see in here within the spectrum of architecture and design.

Thanks again for your patience, until next


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