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What’s Neon Attic to me – An internal reflection

Lazy is usually the word that best describes me. But that changed the day I walked into the studio. I was nervous as to how it would turn out but Priya and Rambha were being the best of hosts making sure that feeling went away.


The first words that came out from them were, “are you willing to work with us?”. This made an impact on me in a way that could never be described. As opposed to the conventional “work for us” culture, what they were offering me was an opportunity to not just learn but grow together as a brand.


Freedom at work is one of the most paramount factors for any individual and Neon Attic welcomed me in with tons of it. Waking up every morning knowing you could make an impact on what you do is the best feeling ever and I have found that here. We believe in having a common vision and working towards it in the most fun way possible.


This is an environment where people’s views are respected and entertained which makes us want to come back every single day. It is a symbol of luxury that we stand for and what we strive to create.


I believe in Neon Attic as they do in me.

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