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We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front. Peter Nagy is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York with a BFA in Communication Design. An active artist in the 80s, he was the co-founder of Gallery Nature Morte in New York's East Village in 1982. He has been based in New Delhi since 1992, where he resurrected Nature Morte, championing young Indian artists and experimental art forms. Keep reading to get to know him! LAB:

We at studio Neon Attic take our commitment towards the creative community very seriously. A small step towards the many to come in the future is featuring India’s change-makers in the creative front. Yethin alongside his sculpture of Sri Varaha Devi Our feature for the day, Yethin was primarily a Law student who discovered his inbuilt skill and passion for sculpting during his frequent visits to his dad’s workshop. He is the sixth generation artist from a family of metal sculptors. Be it deities, human figurines or traditional objects, his works show the best of skill and precision.  Now, let’s get to know

UP CLOSE WITH STUDIO NEON ATTIC:  WHO ARE WE: An architecture and luxury interior design firm that strongly believes in visual vocabulary; Neon attic is synonymous to trendy spaces and seamlessly combined comfort with upmarket design and style. The founders of this contemporary style home interiors brand- Rambha Seth and Sripriya Ganesan focus on striking colors and designs right from rugs to roof, keeping an eye out for the most intricate details. They understand the needs of the client to the last latch, and evolve a unique way to translate it into ergonomically perfect opulence to create tailor-made proposals. WHAT WE DO AT STUDIO NEON

Having spent most of our time at home lately, a lot of flaws that we overlooked for years will become big things that must be fixed right now.  In this period of time, can we actually make smart interior material choices for a safer and healthier home to face  something like the corona virus? Many studies say that the SARS-CoV-2 virus stays active for different duration on different materials- longest on smooth surfaces like plastics (72 hours) and stainless steel (48 hours) and a shorter time on porous materials like paper, cardboard or fabrics (24 hours).  BACK TO BASICS The biggest surprise was

Now that we’ve been staying at home for a while, we all could use a little lift. Gather your family and friends (virtually, of course) and give this quarantine twist to a regular bingo a try. Who will be the first to score a Quarantine Bingo? Download the card, or take a photo on your phone and strike off the things you have done. Ones to strike off an entire row wins and the one who completely knocks off the entire card first is the ultimate winner!

The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped nations, compelling governments to impose countrywide lockdowns to contain the spread of the deadly virus. In our country, with a majority of its population living below the poverty line, we are on the cusp of an explosion of coronavirus cases. Image courtesy: qz.com The impact of this situation is high on the community who work in our sector- architecture and construction. These daily wage workers and migrant laborers are either 'walking back' to their homes or ‘quarantined’ in open spaces. Image courtesy: qz.com Why has this situation arisen? It traces the social patriarchy that is being followed in

As an interior design lover, you must be always looking for unique accessories when decorating a room. Floor and table sculptures, whether abstract or true-to-life, bring an artistic weight to your home decorating that may as well be the key you’re looking for. Decorative sculptural statues provide an excellent way to add an artistic touch to your décor.  A room is often incomplete until a statement-making piece finds its way inside. No matter classic or playful, wall-mounted or tabletop, sculptural pieces like these will completely steal the show.  Image Courtesy: LAB x NEON ATTIC Setting the mood: If you’re building a setting around your home

Here are some tips to help spruce up any room with one of a kind furniture Balance is key Image Courtesy: Google If everything is special then nothing is special. Crowding statement pieces with a lot of other things will take away the desired effect. Space will look busy as there will be no focus. There should always be a hierarchy of elements within the space even in the most maximalist rooms. Placement Image Courtesy: Pinterest The Statement piece can either be the focal point of the room whereby you can decorate around it or it can be nestled away, waiting to surprise and delight visitors.

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